Promatic Hobby Target Thrower - 50 Clay Capacity

Promatic Hobby Target Thrower - 50 Clay Capacity
Product code HB/UK
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The Hobby has a 50 clay single stack capacity that throws targets up to 55m.

Light, easily transportable yet robust with a wide range of target possibilities, the Hobby is a great machine for personal use or can be shot with a small group of friends. The Hobby is a great value trap, yet maintains all the quality components used on all Promatic machines.

The standard Hobby comes with a stationary foot base, or can be purchased with a trolley as an optional extra (battery not included).
Up to 55m throwing distance
Holds 50 clays
Standard clays
Under 2 seconds recocking time
Up to 40° elevation
50m command cable

Powered by 12 V battery
1 year warranty
Trolley comes as an optional extra.