Promatic Merlin Target Thrower - 150 Clay Capacity

Promatic Merlin Target Thrower - 150 Clay Capacity
Product code ML/UK
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The Merlin is a 150 clay capacity machine making it an excellent trap for home use, juniors and beginners. Like its brother machine the Hobby, it is robust, portable and can show a variety of target presentations, and has the added bonus as it can hold an extra 100 clays. This machine contains high quality components and comes at an affordable price.

The Merlin comes with a stationary foot base, or can be purchased with a trolley as an additional extra (see below).
Up to 55m throwing distance
Holds 150 clays
Standard clay machine
Under 2 seconds recocking time
50m command cable

Up to 40° elevation
Powered by 12 V battery
3 year warranty
Trolley comes as an optional extra.
DTL / ABT option available